Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rav Yehoshua Dovid's Maharal Available Online

It is gratifying to see that the new annotated works by Rabbi Hartman are now available online via

This is a major development, as typically HB only uploads Seforim that are not under copyright. Obviously, they must have been given permission by the author/publisher.

Very few Seforim actually make any money. While I am pretty sure that this series did, still most authors can't publish because they are unable to find patrons to subsidize the cost. The Electronic Age can remedy that situation, as a simple email with your Sefer as an attachment can now be converted to PDF format. The Sefer can then immediately be available to any interested party worldwide. Amazing!


  1. Why do you suppose they are giving the books away for free?

  2. I guess whoever will buy it has bought it already and many want to have it for their libraries, or for Shabbos use etc. Maybe some people never heard of


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