Monday, June 30, 2014

Bringing Back Boys' Bodies - HYD

No words to describe this tragedy.



  1. I think we have to stop emphasizing the הי"ד especially in blood red letters. Better to write zecher kedoshim livrachah or חבל על דאבדין.

    please check your inbox

  2. We are in a transparent era. remember the airbrushing Hillary out of the war-room picture scandal? All we need is one benedict arnold to translate the headline and in ten minutes it goes viral and we look as bloodthirsty as hamas. Or haven't you heard about the kahanists retaliatory kidnapping and murder of a Palestinian teenager?

    read Dayan Cohn editorial in hamodia. people forget the "H" of Hy"d.

  3. That may not have been retaliatory, but rather internal family fighting.

  4. what do you say now that 6 Jews from Beit Shemesh were arrested for the murder?

    1. I say it is a sad day that the enemy has pushed us to the extent that we will murder in response.

      I forget which Israeli it was who said s/he could forgive the enemy for certain things, but not for turning our boys into murderers.

  5. @ Bray of Fundie

    HY"D has nothing to do with retaliatory human actions. To the contrary, it's a prayer that HASHEM should avenge their blood.

    We fully believe that no bad deed goes unpunished.


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