Thursday, February 3, 2011

Migdal Bavel and the Internet II

One of my first blog posts dealt with the "Migdal Bavel" or "Tower of Babel" aspect of the internet. At that time I discussed the tremendous scientific advances that the internet affords, in that one no longer needs to reinvent the wheel. Once a technological breakthrough is discovered, even in the most remote corner of the world, the entire scientific community can immediately and geometrically build on that discovery.

Yet what is now playing out in geo-political world, particularly the Middle East, depicts the power of the Internet. The "Internet Revolution", has sparked it's own revolutions. Without Facebook and Twitter, the current revolts in the Arab World would probably not have taken root. Egypt's attempt to shut down the internet has been thwarted by users availing themselves of various, albeit limited proxy servers. Even in the USA there is a motion underway to grant the government control to shut down the internet in times of crisis.

The fact that English has become the "international language" and the primary tongue of most world wide web pages, looms ominously that we are amidst a possible modern day electronic Tower of Babel. It is just quite possible that in the End of Time, G-d will unleash on us a Stuxnet of sorts that will disable heretical sites.


  1. So true. The internet revolution is causing revolution. Profound.

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  3. stuxnet? mah zeh?

    I disagree with your implication that a universal language will, a la tower of Bavel, unite mankind against G-d

    A. the effects of the first dispersion can never be undone. The ingrained traditions of race, ethnicity, culture, religion, political philosophy, economic disparity and militarism that have dividing humanities various subgroups for millenia will continue to do so barring the miraculous (re: Messianic Era). As G. B. Shaw famously quipped "America and England are two Nations divided by a common language"

    B. מבואר מפי ספרים וסופרים the סוד האחדות that was the common patrimony of humanity prior to the Dor Haflaga is now the exclusive attribute of K'lal Yisrael alone

  4. Bray,

    It is quite obvious to me that one of the main concerns with banning the internet has to do with apikorsus. Like minded individuals who harbor heretical thoughts now have a convenient mode of collaboration. Add to that anonynimity and you have a dangerous combination.

    Years ago, if one was skeptical, he mostly kept his thoughts to himself, as he would be uncomfortable to voice his disbelief in a public setting.

    So joining the anonymity, ease of internet communication, unending wealth of skeptic sites together with a common language...draw the conclusion yourself.

  5. ay anonymity. If only I could regain it again, assuming that I ever had it.


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