Friday, October 23, 2009

Migdal Bavel and the Internet

Mankind once gathered to create a tower with intention to reach the heavens, overthrow G-d and take over the world. G-d thwarted their plans by creating disunity in language.

Continuing with our theme of technology's effect on Judaism, this notion causes me to reflect on the unifying power of the internet. The world wide web is an amazing force which has enabled great studies in research and invention. The entire world's libraries are now ensconced in my living room.

Yet with all this good comes evil. Men from all corners of the world are now able to find like-minded individuals for nefarious purposes. The great internet has become today's Tower of Bavel. People who used to harbor heretical thought felt isolated, thinking that they were the only ones. The internet has not only validated their thoughts, but easily and annonymously enables them to share them with others. Some even use blogs to ensnare young minds to think likewise.

So G-d sends us little warnings. Just as he perhaps created STD's and AIDS to keep one honest, so too maybe cyberspace viruses were created to put a damper on this activity.

Ultimately one will need to account for his thoughts and writings, as the archives of G-d are everlasting.


  1. Interesting and thought provoking posts. Keep it up.

  2. Nice stuff. Short and sweet. Welcome to the blog world.

  3. Just a little nit-pick: I don't think anyone can "know" why AIDS etc. were created without being a Novi.
    May have been better to say "perhaps they were created to keep &c".


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