Friday, June 26, 2015

Teen Tricks Tefillin Tie-r

A Tumult has been created by the recent tying of Tefillin by a Lubavitch Shaliach on a girl.

This reminds me of a story years ago when a Lubavitcher Shaliach met a nice young Frum man in a Hillel House in the midwest. He asked him if he wants to put on Tefillin to which the polite young man replied sure.

When the Shaliach asked him if he needs help with the Brochos, he replied - Not necessary.

The student proceeded to put on the Tefillin with familiarity. The surprised Chabad representative asked him "When was the last time you put on Tefillin?

To which he got the response - This morning!


  1. Reminds me of the story of the Lubavitchers who set up their mitzvah-mobile outside the Jewish theological seminary. Two female "rabbinical" students came in and asked to try on tefillin. When they were refused they pointed out that Rashi's daughters wore tefillin. The shaliach answered "Hey, that was 1000 years ago, get with the modern times!"

    1. My all time favorite, 2 Santas ringing bells during the season, one says to the other - Shloimie, lets close up now - time for Mincha!

    2. Even worse: my local supermarket had a display a few years ago with a dancing Santa mannequin. A few months later just before Purim I was in Bnei Beraq and saw the exact same mannequin except this time he was wearing a bekishe and shtreiml. Who knew?

  2. I think to reflect the new SCOTUS decision all temimim (yarti mashma) should ask 3 questions before doing this mivtza:
    1. Are you Jewish
    2. Are you male?
    3. Were you born male?


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