Thursday, February 13, 2014

Columnist Chastises/Critiques Chain-smoking Children

Kudos to R' Yair Hoffman for tackling this issue.

Cigarettes, Camels, Carcinogens, Cancer, Critical, Chemo, Croak, Cause-of-death, Calamity, Cadaver, Casket, Chaval.

And pardon me, but the idiot who claims that Yeshiva Bochurim need an outlet, is not doing anyone any favors. Let them exercise.


  1. the letter to matzav was obviously a troll but hoffman's article is also not very smart and it's clear that he never was a smoker and has no understanding of addiction. articles like this and the policies he advocates won't help and have never helped.

    1. it's clear that he never was a smoker and has no understanding of addiction.

      That is exactly the point. If yeshiva bochurim would read this article and not take that first cigarette, they also would not become addicted and would not be shortening their lives.

      And articles like this do help. Reading a similar one years ago kept me away from smoking.

    2. my point was that he is not qualiied to write about the causes of smoking, how to stop it or how to prevent it. anyone who has ever smoked knows he is way off on all those counts.

    3. I think that anyone who can possibly make a difference in preventing someone from smoking is qualified to write such an article. We are very makpid on pikuach nefesh, if so, something which has been documented to shorten lives should be spoken about by anyone who has an audience.

    4. @somehowfrum "reading a similar one years ago kepte away feom smoking"
      It is hard to believe that a simple article had an effect you to the extent of keeping you away from ever smoking.

    5. It's a pity that you never read such an article, or if you did, that it didn't have any such affect on you.


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