Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lesson: Leave Lasting Legacy

Aside from the posting on the picking of the pontiff, the last few posts have provided short snippets from the lives of people who have changed the world.

Rav Friedenson bequeathed to us Dos Yiddishe Vort. Rav Goldstein entertained a generation with his stories on vinyl and tape that captured many Hashkafic themes. Rav Meir Birnbaum turned his war experience into a lecture tour and book that enthralled thousands with his first-hand witnessing of the waning days of the Nazi horror. Ruchoma Shain documented her father's extraordinary life of Tzedaka in the early days of the last century. The few chapters on her own life in Europe are also of historic importance.

Moshe Yess, is responsible for the proliferation of Kiruv music using English lyrics.

The lesson we learn from these individuals is how a meaningful life can become so much more meaningful when shared with others. Documenting the lives of the greats gives us commoners something to strive for...something to yearn to emulate.

Live Life. Learn Life. Love Life. Leave Lasting Legacy.


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