Tuesday, November 27, 2012

BnaiBrak Banishes Ballistic Barrage

While Bombs were Bursting and Battering, Rav Chaim Kanievsky advised adherents to continue their learning, as Bnai Brak would Be spared the Blitzkrieg that was creating Bedlam elsewhere in the country.

It Baffled many that BB seemed to Bypass the Blow-ups that occurred in surrounding neighborhoods. Yet the Bunker-Breaking-Blasts Belied Belief in that the Torah Learning seemingly did Block Breaches in the city.

Elsewhere in the the Blogosphere, it has been debated whether Chareidim should Bare their Yeshivos in Beer Sheva, and Bring Boys to safer Barracks. If they are true soldiers, should they desert their Battalions in this time of need? Won't learning in the cities at the "Front" not "Back" protect them and their neighbors?

A noble question indeed. Yet perhaps this query could be answered with a second question. What right to the Chareidim have to tell others how to Behave? Why demand Tznius dress to enter their Businesses? Why demand no pig Breeding? Why demand no Banking and Bus-driving on Shabbos?

The answer my Brothers, is that one question answers the other. It may Be that one must make sure that one's surroundings are full of Kedusha. Perhaps the Tumah from a mixed city allows rockets to fall indiscriminately. Only a city that is Totally Torah True, Thwarts the Evil. Bnai Brak may not Be the only city with Tzadikim, But the Reshaim are few and far Between. Can't say the same for Ashdod.


  1. Wow! So the Kanoim are in reality protecting the Rationalists in Ramot Beit Shemesh!

  2. Your distinction must be right. Otherwise how could the Chazon Ish ever have made this promise knowing what he did about the fates of the great Lithuanian Yeshiva Towns in the War? Bnei Braq is Bombproof. Mir was missiled, Brisk bombarded and Kovna karpet bombed. Why? They had oifgiklerteh apikorsim as well as Yeshiva Bokhrim.

  3. Zayer Gut Gezugt!

  4. Rav Chaims psak was vindicated by events.


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