Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Heimishe Habilitate Hemorrhaging Hospital (Revival of Peninsula)

In January of this year, Mishpacha Magazine printed an article which featured Rabbi Yaakov Spitzer, Holocaust survivor and founder of Revival Home Care.

Jewish people have long been involved in Healthcare. Many doctors, pharmacists, medical supply providers, EMT's, ambulance services...all prominently feature Jewish "blood".

Perhaps this is an outgrowth of our forefather, Avraham Avinu. Hospitality, Health, Hatzaloh, Humanities, Helping etc. are all part of the Jewish psyche.

Noteworthy is the news item that it was Orthodox investors, primarily comprised of Revival Home Care, who stepped in to save the Hospital from closure, saving many jobs. I wish them much Hatzlocho.


  1. Can they raise the quality and the reputation. Like Coney Island Hospital or Kimbal, for years it has been a place that people wanted to avoid. If you were being taken by Hatzalah unless seconds mattered you always asked the driver to drive you to a different ER.

    Hospitals are like Yeshivas. it's much easier to start a new one from scratch (as difficult as that may be...)than to rehab one with a rotten reputation.

  2. I assume that if they are spending so much money, aware of reputation and all, they will obviously put much effort into shaping things up.

    Yeshivas are much easier to build than hospitals. You need a BM, a dining hall, some office space and sleeping quarters and you are good to go. Hospitals on the other hand have strict building codes which make building one nowadays virtually impossible.


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