Thursday, August 18, 2011

Senator Sings Shabbos Songs - Joe Lieberman: The Gift of Rest

Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman has recently published a book which describes the beauty and serenity of Shabbos, and his attempt to follow it's laws while serving as a public servant.

I think that it is very notable that such a high ranking official of the United States saw fit to write a book, geared to all Americans, that promotes the idea of a Day of Rest.

Joe serves as an important role model in asking that people turn off their electronic gadgets for one day a week. If a US senator is able to shut off his blackberry for 24 hours, certainly teenagers can be persuaded to give up TXTing for a day.

Aside from the Shabbos lessons that Joe is teaching fellow Americans, I especially appreciated the personal vignettes. His meeting with Sarah Palin, his Shabbos spent with Al and Tipper Gore, his conversation with George Bush II; these stories add a historic flair to a topic that I and most of my readers are fluently familiar with.

Notable is his explanation for publicly criticizing Bill Clinton in the Lewinsky matter, while still voting against impeachment. Also remarkable is his recounting of a Brocha his mother received from a Chassidic Rebbe, that he would grow up to be a "leader of people". Also noteworthy are his mentions of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchick, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson and Rabbi Johnathan Sacks.

The language is surprisingly simple. I would expect a Senator to use a rich vocabulary, yet I imagine that the simplicity is due to his genuine regard to teach the reader what Shabbos is, and why it is important.

As often mentioned on this blog, the messianic era is dawning. As our rabbis have taught us, if we all would keep 2 Shabbosos in a row, Moshiach would arrive. Perhaps having a high ranking official author such a book is a necessary step in reaching this goal.


  1. Insightful. Could be that G-d is orchestrating the writing of this book as a harbinger of the redemption.

  2. Great mini-review. I'll definitely have to check this out soon.

  3. Welcome SoG. Thanks for stopping by.


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